The last romantics
John Hassal

Works of British Postimpressionism

In November of 1910 Roger Fry, art historian and critic, organised a show in London of Gaugin, CÚzanne, and Van Gogh and created for it a new term: Post-Impressionism.
[These artists] say in effect to the Impressionists: "You have explored nature in every direction, and all honour to you; but your methods and principles have hindered artists from exploring and expressing that emotional significance which lies in things, and is the most important subject matter in art . . . (Roger Fry, quoted in The Impressionists and their Legacy, P.645, Barnes & Noble, 1995)
The show caused a sensation and had a marked and prolonged effect on the development of 20th Century Art in Britain. explores the legacy of this milestone, through the work of some of the Grand Old Men of British Post Impressionism such as, Sir Claude Francis Barry, Sir Frank Brangwyn, Sir Gerald Kelly, and Sir Tom Monnington, as well as through the work of lesser familiar unsung heroes and heroines.

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Eric Fraser   Frank Brangwyn   Clement Cowles
  Bernard Fleetwood Walker
Frank Brangwyn Dean Cornwell   Clifford Eric Hall   Claude Francis Barry
Richard Carline Sir Gerald Festus Kelly   Gerald Gardiner   Majorie Hayes