Artist Phelan Gibb: Two Women, circa 1906

Artist Phelan Gibb (1870 - 1948): Two Women, circa 1906


Phelan Gibb (1870 - 1948):
Two Women, circa 1906
Framed (ref: 1133)
0 x 0 in. (0 x 0 cm)

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Harry Phelan Gibb) (1870–1948) was one of the earliest pure British post impressionists; .he studied at Newcastle, Edinburgh, Antwerp and Munich as well as Paris under Jean-Paul Laurens where he lived for twenty five years; he exhibited in London, Paris and New York.  He was highly thought of by Roger Fry, Gertrude Stein, and Lucy Wertheim who wrote of him as follows:  "The English artist still living whose work probably is of the most permanent value is Phelan Gibb. One day Phelan Gibb will doubtless come into his own, and his finest paintings take their place alongside examples of Manet, Caezanne, Picasso, Kolle and Christopher Wood, in international exhibitions of Modern Art".

Gibbs' work was shown at the 1913 International Exhibition of Modern Art organised by the Armory Show American Association of Painters and Sculptors in New York City, and his watercolour 'Belgrave Square and Wilton Crescent' (1928) is held by the Tate.